Raoul Marks, di Sydney, Australia dirige questo film che rappresenta una interpretazione visuale degli eventi che si stanno verificando nel mondo arabo. Bravissimo!

Raoul Marks, from Sydney, Australia directs this film,a visual interpretation of the events taking place across the arab world. Fantastic!

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"Clandestine Anticipation"- 1982, un album dedicato all'acqua; ipnotico, elettronico e sperimentale. Dai Krisma (Maurizio Arcieri, Christina Moser) in un momento di altissima creatività. Tre i video girati in Indonesia. Fantastica la copertina post-moderna (i riferimenti a Kandisky non sono assolutamente casuali) firmata dal mai dimenticato Mario Convertino. Un progetto seminale proiettato nel futuro.

"Clandestine Anticipation"- 1982, an album dedicated to water; hypnotic, electronic, experimental. From Krisma (Maurizio Arcieri, Christina Moser),  in a moment of high creativity. Three videos shooted in Indonesia. Special mention for the fantastic post-modern cover art (that "samples" heavily from Kandinsky) by the never forgotten Mario Convertino. A seminal project ahead of its times. 
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 photo by Edo Bertoglio


Nick Knight colpisce ancora e col suo team produce un film meraviglioso. Una collaborazione con la stylist Alister Mackie e il duo artistico LucyandBart: Il film cattura una serie di elaborazioni fatte a mano che vogliono essere omaggi ai volumi estremi e alle strutture che caratterizzano il meglio del 21mo secolo nella moda maschile. Una fusione fantasmagorica di manifattura, moda e installazione artistica.

Nick Kinight strike again and with his team prouces a stunning film. A collaboration with stylist Alister Mackie and artist duo LucyandBart, the film captures a series of hand-crafted handicraft homages to the extreme volumes and textures that characterise the best of twenty-first century menswear as featured in AnOther Man magazine. Witness a phantasmagorical fusion of craft, fashion and installation art in this utterly one-off film.

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Streetjazz / Street Art / Le Panier / Marseille / France
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Un video bellissimo diretto da Adrien Merigeau per la band irlandese dei Villagers per il singolo "Cecelia & Her Selfhood".

An awesome video directed by Adrien Merigeau for the irish band Villagers for the single "Cecelia & Her Selfhood".

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directed by adrien
music by Villagers / Conor O'Brien
Dragon / Jackal cut-out paper sequences by Eimhin McNamara
produced with and maps and plans
copyright © 2011 Domino Recording Company Limited

thanks so much to
Steve McCarthy
Alan Holly
Jennifer Evans
Rhob Cunningham
Lisa Powell
for the help & support x

In the center of the city was a statue and her twin
And together they watched over everything
Oh, they saw me when I stumbled and they watched you help me stand
I'd swear Cecilia and her sister had it all planned

Then one morning I was walking, from my window to your door
Well I nearly hit the ground with what I saw
Cecilia had been broken, while her sister had been spared 
And the vandals had scattered the pieces everywhere

And I knew it made me wonder what kind of twisted mind
Would ever hurt her, so thoughtless and unkind
But a monster so cruel can't be that hard to find

So I started wearing warpaint and I gathered all my friends
For Cecilia we'd be hunters 'till the end
She was built for a perfect picture, but she came to represent 
Though I guess I never understood exactly what it meant

Oh I know Cecilia and her sister were just statues made of stone
But I still missed her and now her sister's all alone
No that just won't do!
So let's raid the vandal's homes

Boys! Won't we boys?
Oh come on boys!
Come on boys!

So we ventured out at sunrise
With our torches and our spears
And our shotguns and our fears
And our carefully hidden tears

For Cecilia, Cecilia

Now I'm thinking of the moment 
When we can look them in the eye
And make them sorry, 'cause tonight they're gonna die
Yeah, we'll shoot them up dead!

Leave their bodies where they lie
Boys, won't we boys?
So now we're following the pieces of Cecilia to the door
Every shattered limb repeatedly reminding us of what we're searching for

And the sleepers have woken for now they have an aim
Yes they're quite aware of the cold hard fact that the city's loss could be their gain
They are dreaming of, the feeling of!
A trophy in their arms, a hero's welcome, claiming women with their charms

Oh I'm sorry if I hurt you, you know I swear I meant no harm
Oh baby
So the trail, it keeps on turning as we wonder through the streets
I keep looking at, the pieces of Cecilia at my feet

But the strangest thing occurs to me
When I stop to look around
Oh I'd swear we are returning to the center of the town!
Yes we're back here, where we started

Where Cecilia used to stand, but her sister looks different
Please, tell me boys, if you can?
Is that a smile on her face?
Is that a hammer in her hand?

Run, boys, run!
Run, run, run, run!


November 25International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 
25 NovembreGiornata mondiale per l'eliminazione della violenza contro le donne
Our choice goes for two great artists; Barbara Kruger and Nan Goldin / respect
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Barbara Kruger
Thinking of You
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Nan Goldin 
Nan One Month After Being Battered
Silver dye bleach print (printed 2008)
15 1/2 x 23 1/8″ (39.4 x 58.7 cm)
The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Purchase
© 2010 Nan Goldin



The new awesome animated video for the new MGMT single "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" (Buhaus Cover). Directed by Ned Wenlock, Character animation by Rodney Selby, Produced by Georgiana Taylor


Qui allo Studio Badini Createam abbiamo creato il logo, la grafica dei folders, il testo di presentazione, le fotografie e il packaging (in arrivo, stay tuned) per la bellissima linea da tavola HYBRID concepita e disegnata da CTRLZAK e prodotta dal brand SELETTI. Siamo orgogliosi!

Here at Studio Badini Createam we created the logo, the folders graphic design, the copywriting, the photography and the packaging (coming next...stay tuned) for the stunning Dinnerware line HYBRID conceived and designed by CTRLZAK and produced by the SELETTI brand. We are proud!
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Hybrid, una riflessione estetica/artistica sulla  produzione storica cinese ed europea del Bone China e sui secoli di "fecondazione intellettuale" tra estetica occidentale e orientale. Prodotte in Tangshan, la "capitale del Bone China", le decorazioni sono divise a metà, creando nuovi ibridi che accostano scene e temi interpretati nell'immaginario delle rispettive culture. Bone China è un tipo di porcellana che si compone di cenere di ossa, feldspato e caolino. Bone China è rinomata per il suo colore bianco, la trasparenza e l'altissima resistenza.
Hybrid is an artistic/aesthetic reflection on the historical production of Chinese and European Bone China and its centuries of fertilisation between Western and Eastern aesthetics. Produced in Tangshan, the renowned “capital of Bone China”refined by hand, the pieces decorations are sliced in half, creating new hybrids that juxtapose scenes and themes interpretated in the respective cultural imaginary. Bone china is a type of porcelain that is composed of bone ash, feldspathic material and kaolin. Bone China is known for its high levels of whiteness and translucency, and very high mechanical strength and chip resistance.
Hybrid, une réflexion esthétique/artistique sur la production historique chinoise et européenne de la Bone China et sur les siècles de "fécondation intellectuelle" entre l'esthétique occidentale et l'orientale. Produites à Tangshan, la "capitale de la Bone chinoise", les décorations sont divisées en deux, ce qui crée de nouveaux hybrides qui assemblent des scènes et des thèmes interprétés dans l'imaginaire des cultures respectives. Bone China est un type de porcelaine composée de cendre d'os, feldspath et kaolin. Bone China est renomée pour sa couleur blanche, la transparence et la très haute résistence.
Hybrid, una reflexión estético/artística sobre la producción histórica china y europea del Bone China y sus siglos de "fecundación intelectual" entre estética occidental y oriental. Producidas en Tangshan,la "capital del Bone China", las decoraciones mitad y mitad crean nuevos híbridos que unen escenas y temas interpretados en el imaginario de las respectivas culturas. Bone China es un tipo de porcelana formada con cenizas de huesos, feldespato y caolín. Bone China es famosa por su color blanco, la transparencia y su altísima resistencia.

Photography: © Studio Badini Createam / free for non commercial use

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