THE SOCIAL CAVE - Installazione fisica temporanea al Salone Satellite - Milano - Aprile 2011 - Video di Hierro - Roma (crediti completi nell'apertura del video)

THE SOCIAL CAVE - An interactive physical temporary installation at Salone Satellite - Milano - April 2011 - Video by Hierro - Rome (full credits on the film opening titles)

The Social Cave project is an interactive installation developed by 24 international students of the Research Lab Non-Linear Solution Unit directed by Caterina Tiazzoldi and in collaboration with interaction designers Mirko Arcese e Luca Biada (

Using the last 3d motion capture technology like Kinect and OpenNi, plus VVVV, managed by custom software, this application "reads" human behaviours combining two different stages into one virtual space; where the phisycal limit represented by a wall, becames the interactive social scene.

The design engaged the students in the challenge of organizing an assembly of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable polystyrene polygons. Thanks to the interactive platform, the Social Cave is an installation that explores the idea of socialization into the contemporary age by a reinterpretation of the
physical and digital meeting.

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