Per la serie "Viaggiare senza muoversi" un bellissimo video girato ad Abu Dhabi da Beno Saradzic per Timesand. Grazie!

In the "travelling without moving" serie, a stunning video of Abu Dhabi by Beno Saradzic / Timesand. Thanks!

Some important words from the director.
'Abu Dhabi - 2011' time lapse film . This version features original score by Vladimir Persan and it is simply PHENOMENAL. Hats off to you my friend!

Do yourself a favour and watch this film with high quality speakers because the music Vlad composed truly deserves to be heard in all of its glory.
Hook your computer to multi-media speakers, home stereo, TV or headphones but DO NOT, for the sake of all that is holy, listen to the sound on the laptop's crappy built-in speaker or just as unforgivably; muted!!

I’d like to thank Timesand Studios for their support on this project. I absolutely must thank Vladimir Persan for his help and the time and efforts he invested into creating the amazing original score. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the obliging staff of Arabian Construction Company and Arabtec - their project managers were utterly helpful and understanding - and all the safety staff that catered to my every need throughout the shoot. Lastly, I want to extend my super-special thanks to Mr. Ousama Ghannoum, Marketing and Media Director of Aldar. Without his help, this film would’ve never seen the light.

Extra special thanks to Gunther Wegner and his indispensable 'LR TIMELAPSE' application, best deflickering and colour grading software for timelapse sequences in the world!!

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