Un bellissimo video diretto Kris Hofmann e commissionato da Michael Salu di Granta Magazine, creato in risposta all'articolo "Aftermath", pubblicato sul numero 115 Di Granta Magazine (Estate 2011), "The Feminism Issue".

A beautiful video directed by Kris Hofmann and Commissioned by  Michael Salu at Granta Magazine to create an animation in response to Rachel Cusk's "Aftermath", a piece published in Granta 115, 'The Feminism Issue'.

Music: Alexander Zlamal
Dop: Mirko Beutler

Un altro video, "Screwed up", dello stesso regista
Another video, "Screwed up", from the same director

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  1. We publish an email received by Kris Hofmann (we are so so so honoured)

    Hi there,

    An italian company .... just sent me a link to your blog...and your kind words about my work (Aftermath film for Granta publications)!
    Thank You!

    Really like your site and the works on it!

    All the best from London