Per la serie "Viaggiare senza muoversi" un video girato a Praga da Vitùc (Lussemburgo / Italia), realizzato camminando per tre giorni in giro per la citta' con solo qualche corona in tasca. Poetico e bellissimo!

In the "travelling without moving" serie, a video shot in Prague by Vitùc (Luxembourg / Italy). Beautiful and poetic!

Some precious words from the director:
Three days walking at a moderately slow tempo through the beautiful city of Praha with a Go Pro HD and a few Czech koruna in my pocket.
Filmed spontaneously with a sense of lightness and freedom (no reflex, no tripod, no accessories, no lenses)...handheld ...sometimes using small walls for time lapse.
Color correction in FCP and MBL. 
60fps converted to 24fps
Thank you to our guides Klara and my brother Giusiku! :-)
Music composed by Goran Bregovic
Tale 5 - andante amoroso​au/​album/​tales-songs-from-weddings/​id394371611

Another beaufiful video from the same director: "David Lynch - I Know"

Some precious words from the director:
David Lynch assigned the title "runner-up" for this clip !
Finalist for the David Lynch - Video contest on​watch-video/​15938/​ 
The winner announcement from David Lynch for this contest​David-Lynch-winners/​
Music - Track by David Lynch:​WebObjects/​MZStore.woa/​wa/​viewAlbum?id=405565422&affId=1409847
Camera, script and edit by Vitùc & Hub
Cast: Grimmel, Elena, Yacke
Thank you David Lynch 
Thank you

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