Spike Solutions è una serie di screen tests basati su una composizione di tecniche generative.

Spike Solutions is an ongoing series of screen tests based on generative compositing techniques. This one features yours truly, rocking a bit of a hangover.

In this screen test, the video in any zone of the left half is sampled (from that same zone) from the video in the same location on the right half. All the videos start almost in sync, with a slight offset, so you can see movements 'ripple' from the bottom right to the top left in the grid. 

As they play, a stochastic (fancy word for 'random') process gradually jumps individual clips forward in time.

Made with Processing. Props to Lee Byron for his Mesh Library. Music is a 1972 Serge Modular synth, from Twenty Systems by Benge: bleep.com/​index.php?page=release_details&releaseid=18286

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