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David Bowie 1971, prima della grande fama da superstar scrive una canzone nel suo album "Hunky Dory" dedicata ad Andy Warhol, da più di un decennio icona assoluta dell'arte moderna americana. Bowie ammira Warhol, lo vorrebbe conoscere, un incontro viene arrangiato, due alieni, l'efebico ragazzo inglese e l'algido pop artist americano. Warhol durante l'incontro alla leggendaria sede della Factory rimane impassibile durante l'ascolto dellla canzone (rivela poi che non gli piace, pensando che il testo lo prenda addirittura in giro per il suo aspetto). I due si guardano muti, finchè Warhol esordisce con un: " Mi piacciono le tue scarpe" e i due intraprendono una conversazione di 45 minuti parlando solo di scarpe.

Dell' incontro Bowie ne parla in un'intervista sulla rivista "Rolling Stone" - "Ho incontrato questo uomo che era un morto vivente". "Giallo" di carnagione, una parrucca del colore sbagliato, occhieletti. Ho teso la mano e il tipo si è ritratto, cosiì ho pensato "A quest'uomo non piace la carne, ovviamente è un rettile". ha tirato fuori una macchina fotografica e mi ha scattato una foto. Ho cercato di fare un pò di conversazione, ma non si andava da nessuna parte....."

"I met this man who was the living dead," Bowie said to Rolling Stone. "Yellow in complexion, a wig on that was the wrong color, little glasses. I extended my hand and the guy retired, so I thought 'The guy doesn't like flesh, obviously he's reptilian.' He produced a camera and took a picture of me. And I tried to make small talk with him, and it wasn't getting anywhere...."

1973 - BOWIE
Lo strano "rapporto" continua, scrive Bowie nel Giugno 1973 su "Music Scene" Penso che Warhol sarà in futuro considerato importante come fu Michelangelo per l'arte del suo tempo. Ho incontrato Warhol più volte ed è difficile conoscerlo, se sia reale o sia solo un pupazzo è difficile stabilirlo. Ho scritto una canzone su di lui guardando un ritratto di Marilyn Monroe per lungo tempo. Ha talmente tanta gente intorno tutto il tempo ed è veramente facile ocnoscere tutti senza però scoprire niente sull'uomo stesso. 

The "weird" relationship continues, Bowie writes on "Music Scene" in June 1973. I think that Warhol will, in the future, be regarded as just as important as Michaelangelo was to the art of his period. I've met Warhol a number of times and its very difficult to get to know him, to know whether he's actually real or just a puppet is quite difficult as well. I have written a song about him staring at a picture of Marilyn Monroe for a long time. The thing is that he has so many people around him at any given time that's its very easy to get to know them without actually finding out anything about the man himself."



C'erano solo due biglietti per il concerto di David Bowie e tutti volevano andarci....Bianca (Jegger, ndr) aveva chiamato dicendo che aveva due biglietti per David Bowie per me, così ho dato i miei due biglietti a Catheine che voleva tantissimo andarci...Lasciata Catherine sono andato a casa a prepararmi. Jed aveva Tom Cashin in vicita e siamo andati a piedi a casa di Halston che aveva una limousine e anche Stevie. Abbiamo aspettato che Bianca si vestisse e poi siamo andati al Madison Square Garden.

Sunday, May 7, 1978

Only two tickets came for the David Bowie concert and everyone wanted to go…Bianca had called and said that she had two tickets for David Bowie for me, so I gave my two tickets to Catherine who was wanting to go so badly…Dropped Catherine off ($3.50) and went home to get ready. Jed had Tom Cashin there and we walked over to Halston’s and Halston had a limo and so did Stevie. We waited for Bianca to get dressed and then rode over to Madison Square Garden.

The music was too loud, and then Dr Giller screamed in my ear, ‘DID YOU GET DEAF YET?’ and that did it for me, I think that’s what finally made me deaf. We went backstage and had drinks and Bianca was in David Bowie’s dressing room and when she came out she said that we were having lunch with him at 1:00 tomorrow at Quo Vadis. Then he went on stage again.

Then we went up to 1060 Fifth to the birthday party Diane Von Furstenberg was giving for Bob…Catherine was with Tom Sullivan and somewhere along the line Tom said to Bianca that he’d rented Montauk for the summer, and then Bianca wasn’t talking to me and left without saying anything, so I think my romance with Halston and Bianca and Stevie is over. Stevie said, ‘Bianca’s upset.’ See, Vincent called Mick to see if he’d pay for the place if Bianca took it and Mick said no, so…I don’t know what to do. I wonder if I’m still having lunch with David Bowie. Should I call her up?

Tuesday, May 9, 1978

I called Bianca and the guy that answered gave me a funny answer, so I didn’t know if she was standing there. Then she finally called back and said that David Bowie was busy and couldn’t have lunch, but that we should do it tomorrow. So I guess she wasn’t mad.

Wednesday, May 10, 1978

I found out Bianca was out with David Bowie the night before.

Thursday, December 18, 1980

Got an urgent call from the office saying that there was a rockstar down at 860 waiting to have his picture taken by me. I called Fred to find out what it was about but he didn’t remember. I said I’d be right down, and it took me twenty-five minutes (cab $5.50). He turned out to be Ric Ocasek from the Cars. They’re from Boston, and he has an earring and capped teeth and he’s not really good-looking because he has dyed-black hair, but he’s sweet and as charming as David Bowie.

Andy Warhol, The Andy Warhol Diaries (1989)

Friday, May 29 & Monday, June 1, 1981

Maura Moynihan called and said she loved our Interview cover, that it didn’t look anything like her…Maura said that she has two boys she likes – one is straight and one is bi and they’re both in her band that she’s just left, and she wants them both and they’re both fighting over her and they’re best friends…The bi boyfriend said that he would dump Maura if I could get him with David Bowie, and I said I would try.

Andy Warhol, The Andy Warhol Diaries (1989)

Thursday, November 14, 1985

Yoko Ono’s boyfriend or husband Sam called and said Yoko was having an impromptu dinner for Bob Dylan. I invited Sam Bolton, Fred’s secretary, to go with me…And we had to take off our shoes and now I do, but I had a hole in my sock. And we went in and it was really heavy-duty, everyone in a circle. The food was all store-bought – cut-up chicken. And David Bowie was there and I was disappointed, his suit was too modern.

Andy Warhol, The Andy Warhol Diaries (1989)

Wednesday, January 1, 1986

Sam is so devoted to me, and I guess it’s because I’ve spoiled him. Fred warned me not to turn Sam’s head, but on our first outing I took him to Yoko Ono’s and he got to sit there with Dylan and David Bowie and Madonna and that put the zap on his head and now he’s starstruck.

Anyway, he called and was eager to work but I just felt like staying home and resting, so I did, decided to just watch TV and take a holiday. Killed some moths.

Andy Warhol, The Andy Warhol Diaries (1989)

Friday, September 8, 1986

Went home (cab $6) and read the Tony Zanetta book that said David Bowie got his ideas from copying Andy Warhol in the beginning, about getting the media’s attention.

Andy Warhol, The Andy Warhol Diaries (1989)

"Impersonating Andy was something I could cope with, with a reasonable amount of ease. His body language was very distinct, and as near as a British man can do, I think I understood the modulation of his accent. His look, of course, is easily brought about. This was a man who had a real cutting look at life, and would talk in cliches and in a simplistic way, but in fact, there was a motor going on in there at a fantastic speed."

Interview, September 1995, by Ingrid Sischy 

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