Molto interessante e visualmente affascinante il lavoro di Yola, da Varsavia, Polonia. Yola crea i suoi lavori ispirandosi alle pose delle opere rinascimentali utilizzando persone proveniente da un centro diurno di accoglienza. Il risultato è sorprendente.

Very interesting and fascinating the work of Yola, from Warsaw, Poland. Yola creates the art taking inspirations form the renaissance frescos and paintings using people from a local community day centre. The result is astounding.

Yola writes:
"Inviting the folks from the day centre was supposed to be a slightly subversive act: as if entering a haven for Fallen Angels, all aged 60 or over, who end up in a day centre because they can’t cope with life in society. The society they contributed to throughout their lives and which now pays them back a pittance, not enough for a decent living. To be honest I was expecting human misery and what I found instead was a bunch of happy people."

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