Il nuovo album di Yasmine Hamdan, artista libanese, è fantastico. Questa artista non sbaglia una mossa. Intensa, non scontata, mescola tradizione e avanguardia in maniera leggera e profonda al tempo stesso. Anche i video sono bellissimi! Siamo ufficialmente Fans! Grazie!

The new album by the lebanese artist Yasmine Hamdan is fantastic. This artist could do no wrong. Intense and unpredictable, she blends perfectly tradition and avant-garde in a very breezy and deep way. Also the videos are beautiful. We are officially Fans! Thanks!

From her youtube profile.

Singer/songwriter Yasmine Hamdan has become an icon in the underground scene of Lebanese. Now she's back with a solo album, produced by Marc Collin reminding us of one of the greatest productions of the fifties and sixties in Beirut or Cairo, also of the latest and sexy CHOUBI Iraq, or the soulful Samri Kukwait. To continue living this music and keep it moving, Yasmine is surrounded by two artists with different strengths Marc Collin and his vintage synths and Kevin Seddiki the prodigious guitarist.

Yasmine Hamdan - Beirut

FR : http://bit.ly/yasminehamdan
US : http://bit.ly/itunes-US-yasminehamdan

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